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How it works

EduSwift TimeTable System has made the whole process of timetable generation extremely easy and really fast! Marked by intuitive interface, this intelligent school timetable scheduler will suggest you best alternatives as your Help agent for error-free and clash-free timetable with best possible resource optimization. So, you can now generate superlative timetable by combining your expertise, experience and judgment with our state-of-the-art, automatic timetabling software, available in several languages including English, Spanish, Arabic, Malay, Thai and Indonesian.

With EduSwift TimeTable System, timetable generation process involves just a few simple steps:

  • Define Entities
  • Configure Rules, Capacity and Time-Off Settings
  • Verification of Resource Availability and Rules
  • Timetable Generation, Edit, Review & Finalization
  • Timetable Views - Campus, Teachers, Forms and Rooms.
TimeTable Management Software

EduSwift TimeTable System generates timetable for each class and teacher, in keeping with the availability calendar of teachers, availability and capacity of physical resources (such as classrooms, playground, mass prayer hall, laboratories and computer room) and rules applicable at different classes, forms, teachers and subjects level. This school timetable software even facilitates you to dynamically schedule and reschedule timetables depending on the situation including substitute management, thus making the wearisome task of creating and regenerating timetable simple and quick. Best of all, this timetable management system tremendously improves resource utilization and optimization!

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