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Key Reasons

If you are looking for a timetable software that will not just generate perfect timetable for your school in minutes, but also help you utilize and optimize resources across your school, while taking care of dynamic needs and availability of human and physical resources, then EduSwift - TimeTable System is an ideal solution for you. Marked by intuitive interface, this simple yet fast and intelligent school timetable scheduler comes with unique features that will take care of all your school’s needs. So you can now easily generate error-free and clash-free timetable in a few minutes at a price that is amazingly affordable!

Key Reasons to Use TimeTable System

Key reasons to use EduSwift - TimeTable System

Very simple to use

Easy-to-understand and simple-to-operate, it is the simplest timetabling software that can easily generate complex timetables. Marked by neat and friendly screens, drag-and-drop functionality and menus as per context, this timetable management system comes with intuitive user interface, manuals, guides and samples.

Generates timetable in minutes

This timetabling solution gets up-and-running really fast and generates timetable in minutes, irrespective of your timetable complexity. From resource sharing, identifying clashes and resolving conflicts to generating various schools reports, this school timetable software helps you throughout the timetable generation process. So, it not just saves your valuable time, but also saves your efforts and money – a true savoir indeed!

Acts as your intelligent help agent

Unlike other timetabling systems which follow trial-and-error method by giving only warning and messages, this timetable tool acts as your true guide by suggesting you best alternatives as your Help agent for resolving rule conflicts and unsatisfied rules, thus helping you generate an error-free and clash-free timetable.

Gives unsurpassable flexibility

A highly configurable school timetable generator, it gives you unsurpassable flexibility, which is not possible manually. This timetabling software provides you scope to create your desired timetable, considering all your school’s needs, be it human and physical resource availability or rules applicable in various classes.

Ensures best optimization of resources

This school timetable scheduler makes economical use of school resources and generates timetable for each class and teacher, in keeping with the availability calendar of teachers as well as the availability and capacity of physical resources (such as classrooms, playground, mass prayer hall, laboratories and computer room). This timetabling system even helps you eliminate non-effective activities and overlap of resources, saving both physical and human resources and also ensuring best utilization and optimization of resources.

Available in multilingual versions

We have transcended linguistic barrier, and we have made our timetable tool available in multilingual versions. Apart from English, currently, this timetable software is available in several languages such as Thai, Indonesian, Malay, Arabic and Spanish. We plan to make this timetable software available in more languages soon.

With EduSwift , you can make your pick from among the following options:

  • School timetable in English
  • School timetable in Arabic
  • School timetable in Malay
  • School timetable in Spanish
  • School timetable in Thai
  • School timetable in Indonesian

Impeccable support & knowledge base

We offer impeccable support to our users. We give you access to our online community and knowledge base. Our comprehensive step-by-step manuals, guides and samples will help you learn the timetable tool and tactics at your own pace. Moreover, our professional support team is available at your fingertips for superlative technical and functional support.

Consultancy support

Our highly skilful, well-trained and experienced consultants will effectively take care of your timetabling needs. Our consultancy support includes providing consultancy on timetable generation, finding mistakes in inputs and suggesting optimization of resources. We will work with you to ensure the best possible timetable for your school. This will not only save your money, time and efforts, but also improve human and physical resource optimization and utilization.

Affordable for all

This automatic timetabling software provides you perfect timetable solution within your budget, offering tremendous ROI and giving you best value for money.

So, if you want to be in good books of all school staff and teachers, then EduSwift - TimeTable System is just the right timetable tool for you. This school timetable generator will help you take all their requests into consideration and generate a satisfactory timetable for all.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your own copy of EduSwift - TimeTable System and experience timetabling the easiest and fastest way!

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